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  • Cleaning Cards

Cleaning Cards - Magnetic Stripe Readers

Magnetic Stripe Cleaning Cards - CR80 (credit card size)

    Credit / Debit card swipe readers - Verifone, Hypercom etc terminals

    POS System credit / debit card readers

    Vending Machine card readers

    Hotel Door Key - card readers

    Key Lock - card readers

Cards are individually packaged in protective pouch

IPA cleaning soluition;  card made of cloth over plastic - 2.125" x 3.375"

50 cards per box.

Price:  $22.95 ea.

Cleaning Cards - Check Readers (MICR)

Check Reader (MICR) Cleaning Cards 

Thoroughly clean check reader transport path, MICR read heads and transport rollers.

Good preventive maintenance to keep readers functioning properly.

IBM, NCR and other check reader models.

IPA Solution 99% - 4.375" x 8"

25 cards per box

Item Number ECSCC  11/06

Price:  $24.94 ea.


Cleaning Cards - Dollar Bill Validators / Acceptors

Dollar Bill Validator / Acceptor Cleaning Cards

Removes contamination from belts, rollers and photo-optic sensors

inside bill validators and acceptors.

Pre-moistened with LensSafe Cleaning Solution, cards contain no alcohol to dry out belts and rollers.   

15 Per Package

Item code:  KW3 BWB15M

Price $24.95 ea.

Cleaning Cards - Smart Card Readers

Smart Card Reader Cleaning Card

Good in all smart card readers - a little longer 4.5" than traditional card reader cleaning cards.

Great for mag readers also, slot machines, ATMs, hotel doof locks.

Use in EMV slot in your POS / Credit Card machines

2.125” x 4.5”  - IPA Solution 99% - sealed in individual pouch

Item code:  sccc    50 per box

Price:  $25.95 ea.

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